O plano de promoção do novo álbum de Lady Gaga, Born this Way, inclui um acordo com a Zynga, que criou a GagaVille dentro do FarmVille, uma série de activações, conteúdos exclusivos e uma dinâmica própria para a geração youtube.

Cause they were born this way.

GagaVille in FarmVille, Exclusive Access to Music:

Visit neighboring in-game farm – “GagaVille” – inspired by Lady Gaga’s unique style, featuring colorful crystals, magical unicorns, sheep on motorcycles, and if we can cram it in, some leather and glitter.

Get exclusive access to un-released songs from “Born This Way” every day from May 17 through May 19 by completing quests and unlocking Clear Channel's iHeartRadio player – that’s three never-before-heard songs.

On May 20th, be the first to listen to a selection of songs from “Born This Way” before the album drops on May 23.

via Brandchannel

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