Needless to repeat ...

"Account planning is great. My planners tell me about the people I am writing to. They tell me what customers think. What they think of the brand I am writing on, what they think of the whole category.

Planners are not researchers in the old sense of the word. In the old sense of the word, researchers came up with dry facts. Numbers. Planning is not about facts. It is about getting to the truth. Getting to what consumers think and feel about a brand and about a category.

We use them here all the time. They are great. The planners' insights also help us sell work to clients. When we go into a client and show them work, we are able to say more than just 'Hey, we think this is cool.' We are able to say, 'Your customers told us this is cool.'"

--Luke Sullivan, Fallon Minneapolis

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é UM bom resumo da função do planeador ;)